1. Does anyone know where to find files for Wii softmodding? Seems like almost all the YT vids are have outdated links.

  2. Hidori-san. eres la ley nwn. tu mandas.
    y ademas te mando unos buenos saludos y espero que estes bien y siempre te apoyare en tus proyectos.
    Viva Hidori Rose nyaaa nwn.

  3. I’m hungry. I can’t help but think of the sausage and cheese biscuits that I have inside of the fridge. As matter fact, my sisters were over earlier, so I think they may have taken the biscuits. I hate when they come over. I just got some new eucalyptus oil in the mail. I was also fermenting rice water for my hair. My sister broke my rice water container, and Spilled the right water all over the floor. Then my other sister knocked my eucalyptus oil all over the floor.

  4. You are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! Love that smile while you have him around your mouth. Excellent work!

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